How to make Waldorf Martinmas Lanterns  (tutorial)

Martinmas Martinmas is another one of those fantastic holidays, like Saint Nicholas (Sinterklaas) that most Americans either have never heard of, or only heard of through Waldorf schools. It is celebrated by retelling the story of St. Martin of Tours and by holding evening lantern walks. In the Netherlands we call it “Sint Maarten”. As I […]

How to make a potion to fight a cold

Today we made a potion which we can take if we might catch a cold. The boys had a lot of fun making this and they can’t wait until we make something similar, which will be when the elderberries arrive. Ingredients: 3 organic lemons Raw organic honey Ginger root Cinnamon A jar What we did […]

What to buy for children

Someone was looking for this post. It was in a blog that no longer exist. Since it no longer exists, I unfortunately can’t add a link to the blog. Here is the original post: Written by: Anonymous “A message to those without children about buying gifts for kids (or please think before you buy…) This […]

Geschenken in de duisternis {Dutch}

This story is written, in Dutch, by Carolien Hansen from Sfeer & Magie. She wrote the story especially for her daughter. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Geschenken in de duisternis Het was duister en stil in het land van de mensen. De zon had zijn kracht verloren en moeder aarde […]


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