Understanding your Child and Help Them Understand Themselves

WINTER HOLIDAY SALE 20% DISCOUNT happening at GROK the World – Ends December 9th. Order before December 9th for Holiday delivery! Parenting is one of the thoughest and most responsible jobs in the world at least that is what I have come to belief. A soul chooses you as their parent and you love this little […]

Inner Work and Home Education

Maybe you wonder, why do I write about what is going on inside my mind? This is a website regarding home education, right? I guess it all depends on how you perceive things. We see education as part of the whole, as part of our lifes. Sometimes we refer to it as life learning. Therefore […]

Peace at Home

Communication, a very important part of our lives. Observing my own communication, I know I am learning. I am not there yet, maybe when I am old and grey, maybe never. For now it is work in progress. Why do I talk about communication? Why do I think, that being aware of communication (mine and […]


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