Freedom to Learn

Last Thursday we were fortunate enough to attend a lecture of Dr. Peter Grey. Although we were still pretty jetlagged, both Dad and I were really glad we went. It was such inspiring but most of all a great reminder why we are homeschooling/unschooling our children. We have certain believes. And although we feel insecure […]

International Homeschooling Status

Homeschooling is legal in many countries. Countries with the most prevalent home education movements include Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Some countries have highly regulated home education programs as an extension of the compulsory school system; others, such as Germany, have outlawed it entirely. Brazil has a law project […]

Thuisonderwijs: fundamenteel recht! (in Dutch)

Onderstaand artikel stond in het Nederlands Dagblad van 6 november 2012. Verklaring van Berlijn breekt lans voor thuisonderwijs BERLIJN – Ouders hebben het fundamentele recht om hun kinderen thuisonderwijs te geven, in plaats van hen naar school te sturen. Regeringen wereldwijd moeten dat recht respecteren. Dat staat in de ‘Verklaring van Berlijn’, waarmee de deelnemers […]


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