How to help your Baby be a Good Eater using Baby-Led Weaning (Rapley)

So many children, so many different eating styles

When we hit the 6 month milestone, we are always extra excited. It is time for us to introduce food to our babies, using Baby-Led Weaning. Will they be good eaters?

Babies with Allergies

Maximan, our child with many allergies. With Maximan I stood in the kitchen to prepare his own pureed food, I hadn’t heard about Baby-Led Weaning (Rapley) at that time. I prepared his own food instead of choosing for baby jars, because I wanted to know which ingredients he would eat and it was easier to prepare it myself. Maximan is a child with a lot of allergies and knowing what he was eating and how he reacted helped immensely. For a whole week he would eat the same thing, if he didn’t have a reaction during that time we could mark the food as save. Every week we offered him something new. When he did have a reaction, we observe him and talk to his pediatric nutritionist to see what would be the best thing to do. Would we try that particular food again or add it to the non-save list. Now, at 8 years old, this boy is a really picky eater. He is very sensitive to texture of food, but he is willing to try everything.

Eating when following Baby-Led Weaning (Rapley)

Both Midiman and Miniman enjoyed Rapley. That is a style where you offer your baby regular food and they can choose what they eat and grasp it themselves. With Rapley be ready for a lot of food on the floor. We always put a towel under their chairs, which made it easier to clean up. Bot Midiman and Miniman are excellent eaters.

Now Microman is a totally different story. First of all he was IUGR and even breastfeeding or bottle feeding was tough. When he hit the 6 month mark he was not interested in solid food at all. We tried pureed food, but he wanted nothing to do with it. So we waited. When he was 7.5 months old he started to show interest in food. Again we started with Rapley but he just threw everything on the floor. He had difficulty grasping the food. We did want our baby to enjoy his food and try different flavours so we introduced pureed food from a jar. At first he didn’t want anything to do with it, but after some time he took his first bite and then his second. Now, at 11 months, we still offer him pureed food and recently we reintroduced Rapley. Again a lot of mess on the floor. Something I don’t like at all, but I do like good eaters.

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baby-led weaning, babies eating, good eaters, baby, eat, eater, rapleybaby-led weaning, babies eating, good eaters, baby, eat, eater, rapley

What is Baby-Led Weaning (Rapley)?

raising good eaters

raising good eaters
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