Valentines 2016 & Giveaway

Felted Hearts

I saw beautiful felted hearts in our Waldorf group and decided this would be a lovely teacher Valentine gift. Maximan follows an enrichement program one day a week, where he is in a class with 15 students and 2 teachers.

It took me some practice to be able to make a nice puffy hearts. But I finally mastered. For guidance I used this youtube-video. I was also thinking of adding a drop of essential oil, like rose or lavendar.

Materials I used:
-Different shades of red/pink/purple felting wool
Needle felting needle, or complete needle felting kit
Foam block
-Essential oil, lavendar and rose


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Heart shaped crayons

These crayon hearts has been on my making wishlist for a couple of years now. We have been saving crayons at restaurants for as long as I had the idea of making these. And now we finally did.

It is a rather easy to make Valentine. First we chose color combinations, like yellow-orange-red, red-blue-purple, blue-yellow and green. We chopped up the crayons in small pieced and added the color combinations in the heart shaped form. Here I used an ice cube form from Ikea, but before I was eyeing this one from Amazon.

Materials I used:
-Heart shaped form
-Knife for chopping and a cutting board

I preheated the oven at 300F/150C. When the form was filled I let the crayons melt in the oven. After they were all melted, I let them cool before removing them from the form.

To make the Valentine complete I looked up printables online and find some nice ones at

Valentines for the kids!


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