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Have you heard of Chatbooks? I mentioned it earlier on Instagram. It’s this amazing photo printing app that works with your Instagram and Facebook feed, and I love it! I love the quality, I love how easy it is and it makes me feel like a good mom. I fell behind with the baby books and that I can make this for my boys feels so good!

How much of your life is on Instagram, on Facebook or on your Camera Roll on your phone? Mine is. isn’t yours too? Imagine the easiness to have an app and select the photos you like to share and print them in a book. You can share those lovely memories with people in your home. Friends and family that visit us love to take a look at our Chatbooks. And it’s incredibly easy! Even I can do it!

Chatbooks App- 60 page photo books for $8 shipped. Use “W7P7KZWU” for your first book free!

How does CHATBOOKS work?

An Ongoing Series from Chatbooks prints your Instagram, Facebook, and phone photos in 6×6 inch 60-page books. Your first order would have all of your photos so far, divided into volumes. The amazing part is that it automatically pulls new photos from your feeds, so you get a new book every time you hit 60 more photos. Each 60-page book is just $8 with free shipping, which is an excellent price!

It’s really simple:every time there are 60 more photos on instagram and facebook combined you get a notification from the app. You have three days to view and edit the book, in case you want to exclude anything, which by the way, I always end up doing. After that it automatically bills and ships, without any extra work on your part!

Excellent Customer Service!

A big plus about Chatbooks is how connected they are to their customer base. You can ask questions both for troubleshooting and for software function requests. Another thing I love is their availability to answer questions on Instagram. And if you want to have your photo featured, they do that too!

My experience with their customer service: I ordered our vacation Chatbook, and I forgot to disable the date, time, captions, and location option. Those are options which you can chose to have them printed on your page or not. I like to just have the photos printed and the cover tittle on the side of my book. So my order went out, I reached out to Customer Service and they fixed it straight away. I was really happy, because I got the book I wanted. Did I mention how happy I am with Chatbooks? 😉

Workaround when you have a lot of photos available. Some friends have asked what to do if their Instagram feed is huge to order all at once, or if they wanted to start with some recent photos and subscribe from there on out. What you can do is after you’ve created your series, tap “select” on the top right, and then start selecting the photos you don’t want included in your books. Then hit “exclude” on the bottom, all those photos will get moved over to a different tab. You can exclude as many photos as you need to from your series, but they are still available if you want to put them back later.

Two Different Products

Chatbooks offers two different products- Ongoing Series (like I explained above) and Custom Books (anything you want, up to 300 pages). I mostly make custom books. One every year for each of my children, where I make use of tags and I just load them into Chatbooks. Easypeasy and my yearbook for the kids is done. I really like the ongoing series too where you can exclude photos and end up making your custom 60-page book for just $8.-. The price is much better compared to a custom book.

The app is available in Apple’s App Store and in the Google Play Store for Android users. You can also access it online at

Free Book Code

Use code W7P7KZWU and get your first book free!
You must be a first time subscriber and subscribe to your instagram series. You can put a hold on your series or cancel at anytime. Just download the app, create your first series, and then use code W7P7KZWU to get your first book free.
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