Valentine’s Day around the World

Earlier this week I wrote about Valentine’s Day and it made me wonder. Seeing the (cultural) differences in celebration of Valentine’s Day in the USA and in the Netherlands. I wondered how and if Valentine’s Day is celebrated in other countries around the world. I asked you, if you would share your story. And some of you did.

Thank you for sharing your story!

Valentine’s Day around the World

In Russia we never traditionally celebrated Valentine’s Day. It has become more of a trend recently, when the country became more open to the world. It is pretty much the same – making/buying Valentines, giving cards, chocolates, going on special dates.
The same is for China. Just that here everything from the West pretty soon gets commercialized and HUGE. This year Valentine’s in China coincided with Lantern Festival (14th day after Chinese New Year) and people were and are celebrating big time! Chocolates are sold like crazy, along with restaurants being overbooked for special family and couples dinners.
VaryaCreative World of Varya

Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated in Thailand. If you see hearts and cupcakes -it’s geared towards expats. I am told by my Thai friends (as I asked them the same question) if it was being adopted or if they had something similar and she said no, that love was a very private & discreet situation. The closest aspect she could think of was of couples going to their parents for their blessing on Songkran, which is thai New Year.
CordeliaMultilingual Mama

Valentine’s Day is a late introduction to Finland and it is a day for celebrating friendship, it is much less geared towards romantic love. The Finnish name is Ystävänpäivä and it means Friend’s Day.
RitaMultilingual Parenting

In Ukraine no one new about Valentine’s Day until 90th, but then it became popular with younger crowd – romantics really clicked with youngsters. I remember novice disco parties in my High School to celebrate Valentine’s. Now it is pretty much the same as in USA – flowers, chocolates, romantic dates. Although I have not heard that elementary and middle school students have candies and valentines exchange.
OlenaBilingual Kids Rock

In Italy couples have a nice dinner out and indulge themselves with chocolate. Everyone from children to adults have fun exchanging Valentine’s cards.
GalinaTrilingual Children

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