How to make you own Art Cart

Yesterday I was preparing this ‘art cart’ and I must admit. Preparing the cart was fun. Adding crayons, watercolors, scissors, brushes, glue and different boxes for there art work. Sorting all the different types of paper we have. I felt like a good homeschool mom. However, I experienced this other feeling. The feeling of being […]

Learning to let go of my learned beliefs and trust on his curiousity

Being a schooled person myself I realize I’m stuck with certain beliefs. I seem to thrive by using a schedule. It makes me feel more relaxed because I have a starting point and if I go a level deeper. It gives me a feeling of control. The other thing is that I really use schedules […]


Lots of studies have been done on the effects of home education. Children who were educated at home fare higher on standardized achievement tests than peers in public school settings. When homeschooled children are evaluated for social interaction, self-concept, self-esteem, and leadership skills, they typically score above the norm. Article’s / studies Homeschooling: from the […]

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