Sun + Snow = Fun One of the two things we have around here is sun and snow. And sun + snow equals fun. A lot of fun. Last week we had a couple of grey days which meant it was or it would be snowing. Which, unfortunately,  also meant that our visit to an […]

Snow experiments

We have been creating snow marbles and doing arts & crafts with the theme snowflakes and paper snowflakes before. And after getting inspired by some posts on the blog of another homeschooling mom: Mama Natuurlijk, we decided to do some snow experiments too. Experiment 1: How come a polar bear or a pinguin stays warm […]


Surprise surprise. Going on a holiday and having the surprise of snow. It’s not only winterfun we’re experiencing. But truly snowfun as well. When Maximan heard we were going on a vacation he hoped there would be snow. Well, someone granted him his wish. For Miniman it is the first time he’s experiencing snow and […]

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