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Literature in Dutch and English A list with links to books, some of them are also listed below with links available in the Netherlands. Thomas Gordon Luisteren naar kinderen Marshall Rosenberg Geweldloze communicatie Marshall Rosenberg Taal van de vrede Justine Mol Opgroeien in vertrouwen Alfie Kohn Unconditional Parenting Alfie Kohn Punished by rewards Jantine Peters […]

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How to make Salt Snowflake Watercolor Art

When you’re painting a scene in which it’s snowing, it’s impossible to leave hundreds of tiny specks of white across your painting. The secret is to take the salt from your kitchen and use it in your painting. Memo to me: We have to do this more often and improve our technique. Step by step: […]

How to make a Reindeer from a Paper Roll

Still wrapped up in the festivity of December. We are still busy with reindeer and one of the intriguing question that remains is how reindeer seem to be able to fly. I don’t know about you, but I can’t answer that without ruining Maximan his joy and believe that they can fly. And who knows, […]


Surprise surprise. Going on a holiday and having the surprise of snow. It’s not only winterfun we’re experiencing. But truly snowfun as well. When Maximan heard we were going on a vacation he hoped there would be snow. Well, someone granted him his wish. For Miniman it is the first time he’s experiencing snow and […]

Learning to let go of my learned beliefs and trust on his curiousity

Being a schooled person myself I realize I’m stuck with certain beliefs. I seem to thrive by using a schedule. It makes me feel more relaxed because I have a starting point and if I go a level deeper. It gives me a feeling of control. The other thing is that I really use schedules […]

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