How to Care for the birds

It was Maximan who noticed all the birds in our garden. They were searching for food. And with winter here, it is much more difficult for them to find any. So we have been helping them. Today we will make cakes for the birds What do we need: A cupcake form Paper cupcake forms Birdseed […]

Pinterest, a great source for our creativity boxes

I love Pinterest. If you like to look us up, here is our Arts & Crafts pinboard and here is our Homeschooling pinboard. I started making creativity boxes for Maximan. Every morning when he comes downstairs there is his box. For him it is always a suprise what I’ve come up with for him. Last […]

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this website in English? English is a language that many people have in common. Home education is happening around the world and we want other home learners to be able to find us. When we travel abroad (or if other families travel our way), we like to connect with local home learning groups […]

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