Summer Rain

It’s raining No it’s pouring Our world is being cleansed by the Gods and Goddesses We expected sunshine and abundance on this day Instead we got another present A day to be still To cleanse everything, your inner self It is a present This present And after the rain Maybe, we will have sunshine I […]

How to make Sidewalk Chalk and have some Doodle Time

A fun activity with (or for) your children. I must admit, I have as much fun doing this as Maxi- and Miniman. What do you need 1 part cornstarch 2 parts water add foodcoloring We added this mix in an old ketchup squeeze bottle. And time for fun! Pictures are made by a dear friend. […]

Summer Solstice – Litha

About the Summer Solstice Within the wheel of the year there are four major Sabbats four lesser sabbats that make up the Pagan holidays starting with Samhain at the end of October. These holidays always follow nature and the seasons within our year. Litha is one of the lesser sabbats and is sometimes called Summer Solstice or Midsummer Solstice. Typically this […]

Wheel of the Year

To explain our calender to our Maximan I drew the Wheel of the Year on his blackboard. We belief that there is no real beginning or end to a year. That life runs in cycles. The Pagan calender of Sabbats and Esbats reflect this belief. However, for convenience among friends and family who are not […]

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