Rainbow rice made easier

This year we’ve decided to make all our gifts ourself. earlier we made a velcro sticks busy bag and babylegs. today Maximan choose rainbow rice as a birthday gift for one of his friends. He enjoys his own rainbow rice so much, he wants to share this fun with his friend. Since the last time it actually was a lot […]

Make your own Color Matching Activities for Busy Bags

Today I made two busy bag activities. If you’re not familiar with the busy bag concept, you can check out my Pinterest Board here. Basically, it’s a small bag containing a re-usable activity for your child to do independently. A collection of these little wonders can be invaluable when you’re trying to get dinner on […]

Pinterest, a great source for our creativity boxes

I love Pinterest. If you like to look us up, here is our Arts & Crafts pinboard and here is our Homeschooling pinboard. I started making creativity boxes for Maximan. Every morning when he comes downstairs there is his box. For him it is always a suprise what I’ve come up with for him. Last […]

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