How do unschoolers learn about animals

Start with some questions Is he interested in animals and does he like to know more? It could be that you like to explore an animal but not your little one. What will you do? One option is strewing. Take your little one to the zoo and see what happens. Or you can start to […]

How do unschoolers learn about the Human Body

Getting some of his questions answered. The last couple of weeks it is still about airplanes, dinosaurs, trains, letters and the human body. Subjects that have Maximan’s interest and keep on returning. He is working on a project about airplanes but it looks like he is starting with the human body as well. Maximan asked […]

Private Mineral Museum

This was so incredibly cool. We (Maximan and I) got a private tour in this private mineral museum. The owner, Ed, spoke with such enthusiasm about his collection and where and how he found it. His latest trip was to the United States where he stayed for a couple of weeks. We got inspired. Maximan has […]

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