G(r)owing with the flow

Our homeschool life seems to flow. We have finally come into a rhythm again after being away for the Summer and finally I feel I can sit down and breathe. We’ve drastically lowered screentime. Where before as an unschooler I didn’t really feel like regulating, I observed that my boys are happier for it when […]

Parenting Riding a Bike

Guest post written by: Varya for The Art of Home Education Welcome to these monthly series on engaging your siblings of different age group into activities. As your younger child grows, you will notice how he/she is more interested being around your older sibling. And if you have older/younger siblings of your own, you will […]


Surprise surprise. Going on a holiday and having the surprise of snow. It’s not only winterfun we’re experiencing. But truly snowfun as well. When Maximan heard we were going on a vacation he hoped there would be snow. Well, someone granted him his wish. For Miniman it is the first time he’s experiencing snow and […]

Outdoor happiness

There’s no such thing as the present. It IS a gift, a present. Everyday is an opportunity to be who you want to be. Everyday you can choose for being you. We have had some lovely days so far, but today is a grey day. That doesn’t stop us from going outside and take in […]

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