Discovery Corner

For today we organised a meeting at the Discovery Corner in Amsterdam where we met 6 or 7 other homeschooling families. Maximan, Miniman all the other families and I, had a lot of fun. We will go here again. Probably next month, and the month after, and the month after… What is the Discovery Corner […]

Snow experiments

We have been creating snow marbles and doing arts & crafts with the theme snowflakes and paper snowflakes before. And after getting inspired by some posts on the blog of another homeschooling mom: Mama Natuurlijk, we decided to do some snow experiments too. Experiment 1: How come a polar bear or a pinguin stays warm […]

How to make Ice Marbles

With all the frost, this is the perfect time to make ice marbles. We filled up a couple of balloons with a couple drops of food coloring and water and layed them outside so they could get frozen. When they were frozen we peeled of the balloon. They look like giant marbles! You don’t have […]

How to make Snowflakes

Making Snowflakes Yesterday we were at a friends place and she was making snowflakes. That was so much fun. So today, we are making snowflakes too. Lots of snowflakes. It is not that hard to do and the fun part is, that you can create your own snowflake. Just make sure that you don’t completely […]

‘Mom, where does the sun go when it gets dark?’ asks Maximan

We’re walking outside on our way to the playground and discover it is flooded with water. We decide to walk over to the petting zoo, which is an hour walk (or even more). While we are walking, we are taking in the environment. We see all the cars, the bikers, the trees and the sun […]

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