How to make Snowflakes

Making Snowflakes Yesterday we were at a friends place and she was making snowflakes. That was so much fun. So today, we are making snowflakes too. Lots of snowflakes. It is not that hard to do and the fun part is, that you can create your own snowflake. Just make sure that you don’t completely […]

How to Care for the birds

It was Maximan who noticed all the birds in our garden. They were searching for food. And with winter here, it is much more difficult for them to find any. So we have been helping them. Today we will make cakes for the birds What do we need: A cupcake form Paper cupcake forms Birdseed […]


Surprise surprise. Going on a holiday and having the surprise of snow. It’s not only winterfun we’re experiencing. But truly snowfun as well. When Maximan heard we were going on a vacation he hoped there would be snow. Well, someone granted him his wish. For Miniman it is the first time he’s experiencing snow and […]

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