Fine Motor Skills On The Go

Guest post written by: Varya for The Art of Home Education Last month I wrote some tips on how to handle a younger child while having an activity with an older sibling. Today I would like to introduce a simple activity we often use when we are out and have some time to wait for […]

Ten Tips To Make Your Crafting Time Fun And Safe For All Children.

Guest post written by: Varya for The Art of Home Education Creativity for all: Baby on the floor! Part 1 As a mom of 2 (soon to be 3!) and an educator, I have to find creative ways to entertain both of my children and especially entertain the baby (who is now a toddler) during […]

Valentine’s Day activities with Children

In the United States Valentine’s Day is a big thing. In the stores, in the restaurants, on internet, on Facebook, Valentine’s Day is everywhere. It made me wonder. Do the children in the United States really make Valentine Bags for their whole class? Meaning that each child goes home with as many Valentine’s as (s)he […]

How to make a “PAROL” (Christmas Lantern)

Guest post written by: Lana Jelenjev for The Art of Home Education Do you know which country celebrates Christmas the longest? If you guess the Philippines, then you are correct. From where I came from, Christmas is celebrated as early as September! When the “-ber” month hits, you can hear Christmas carols being played, the […]

Creative with Colors and Photography

A while back, Maximan got his first compact camera. He loves to take photographs and today we combined pictures with the theme color. The Assignment We used an app called Fuzel. And we took a look at all our recent photos. Photos Maximan took and photos I had taken. The assignment was to make a […]

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