The Bombo Drum

Guest post written by: DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou) for The Art of Home Education The Bombo – Making Music With A Big Drum Musical crafts and making music can be a great addition to any homeschooling day. They are an opportunity for hands-on fun that is creative, expressive and educational at the same time. And instruments […]

How to make a β€œPAROL” (Christmas Lantern)

Guest post written by: Lana Jelenjev for The Art of Home Education Do you know which country celebrates Christmas the longest? If you guess the Philippines, then you are correct. From where I came from, Christmas is celebrated as early as September! When the β€œ-ber” month hits, you can hear Christmas carols being played, the […]

Homeschooling: The Silent Revolution

By: Sarah Rodrigues, Written for True Activist and we are happy to repost it here and share it with all of you on The Art of Home Education. β€œI want to be able to give to my children what I never had.” How often do we hear these words in our culture and it always […]

Geschenken in de duisternis {Dutch}

This story is written, in Dutch, by Carolien Hansen from Sfeer & Magie. She wrote the story especially for her daughter. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Geschenken in de duisternis Het was duister en stil in het land van de mensen. De zon had zijn kracht verloren en moeder aarde […]

Expat Family Ties

Expat Family Ties

Expat family ties: far away but not distant Guest post originally written for Your Expat Child: By Amanda van Mulligen There is a saying that grandchildren are the reward for being a good parent. And many grandparents would certainly agree. But what if many miles separate your children and their grandparents? Does it mean the […]

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