Using toilet paper roles and peanut butter to make bird food

Looking in the garden we notice that the birds almost finished all the bird cakes we’ve made. So, it is time for us to make some new food. We decide to use peanut butter and toilet paper roles to make food for the birds this time. There is one catch. Maximan can only watch while […]

How to make Snowflakes

Making Snowflakes Yesterday we were at a friends place and she was making snowflakes. That was so much fun. So today, we are making snowflakes too. Lots of snowflakes. It is not that hard to do and the fun part is, that you can create your own snowflake. Just make sure that you don’t completely […]

How to Care for the birds

It was Maximan who noticed all the birds in our garden. They were searching for food. And with winter here, it is much more difficult for them to find any. So we have been helping them. Today we will make cakes for the birds What do we need: A cupcake form Paper cupcake forms Birdseed […]

Helpfull Sites

Spending some time on internet preparing for activities with Maximan I came across several sites which I like to share. More links will follow! Good site for maths: Site for abc’s, reading, nice to have as an addition: Discovery site with games and where biology questions are answered: Chinese curriculum Hong Kong Education Bureau: kindergarten, […]

Keep it Clean Day

Last Friday we did something which made me really proud of my Maximan. It all started a couple of weeks ago when we went to the playground and he saw all the garbage lying around. Of course he was right when he said that garbage should be in the bin. So we started cleaning up […]

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