Living on a budget. 4 steps to get a discount without a coupon code on Amazon, always. Cash Backs, Berkey Water Filter 10% Discount.

Frugal Living and a Minimal 6% Discount at Amazon, Always!

How I got my Berkey! I have been working on this post on and off for a couple of weeks now. The steps I took were difficult and hard to remember because in the meantime Microman was admitted to the hospital. He is doing fine now. So follow my steps below and feel free to ask questions […]

IFTTT, a useful blogger tool. Share to multiple social media platforms by only sharing to Instagram (or a different platform).

How to Use IFTTT to Make Posting on Social Media Easier

The day Dad made me think of IFTTT Dad is in the market for a new job. The other day Dad had a talk with a recruiter and he confronted Dad with the fact that he doesn’t have a Facebook account. Apparently after looking up potential candidates on LinkedIn, a recruiter continues his search and looks on other social media […]

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