Advent – The First Week

The Mineral World

Advent is a very special time of year. A time of moving through the darkness toward the yearly rebirth of light, when the days begin to grow longer. A festival celebrating the returning of the light…

We celebrate advent as a four week festival – the four weeks leading up to christmas and solstice – and during this time, we deepen our relationship to the world around us by recognizing and celebrating the strength and beauty of all four of the kingdoms of the natural world.

Our new season table is all set up. A mix of advent time and Saint Nicholas, which we will celebrate on December 5th. I do love the Saint Nicholas and Pete from Sterrendaalders. Maybe next year.

The Mineral World

The first light of advent is the light of stones. The light that shines in seashells, crystals and in bones. Today we light our first candle and add crystals to our season table.

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