Bread is not the only thing we’re baking

We got news to share. Big news. Just like before, sharing this news is scary and exciting at the same time and those of you who follow us on Instagram will already know…

We are expecting.

As we speak I am 18 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and everything seems to go well. This is my 12th pregnancy (I have experienced some miscarriages in the past) so you can imagine where the “I think it is scary part” comes from. Afraid of getting my hopes up, loving a little one and losing it again. But for now everything seems fine. Besides from feeling tired I am doing fine, although I feel huge.

Since a couple of weeks our homeschool home has gotten really busy. After spending the Summer in the Netherlands we are back at our routine. Currently we have an eclectic style of homeschooling that is mostly childled (unschooled) with influences of Waldorf, Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Project Based Homeschooling and Reggio Emilia. We kind of play it by ear. What do we feel like, what are we interested in, what do we want to do? And what style makes a good fit. And what works for Maximan, might not be a good fit for Midi- or Miniman or vice versa.

All three boys have appointments at the swimming pool twice a week. Maximan has taken on two enrichment programs. One is in a school setting, the other is outdoors. He likes them both and he likes the school setting one, because it is just one day a week which leaves him plenty of time to explore his other interests. Last week we started with form drawing. This was initiated by Maxi- and Midiman who were focused on shapes which they saw everywhere. It was fun to observe how there learning evolves and again to see that learning happens everywhere and all the time. One day a week we have nature play with other homeschool families and we go on regular hikes. We have monthly meetings at the library where we hear stories from around the world, we started bookclub and during the day we read a lot of stories aloud.

Between all the scheduled activities, we have our projects going on where Maxi- and Midiman explore there interests. Even Miniman is starting with projects. And I shouldn’t forget, I am expecting. The obgyn told me to take it easy because I have been experiencing regular headaches, which are really annoying. Which means that our quiet time became even more important than before.

The boys are happy with this time where they can sit quietly and have some time on the iPad, do arts & crafts on their own, read a book (look at the pictures in a book), watch a movie, make plans for their project, do a course on the computer or play minecraft. I enjoy the quiet time too. Sometimes I am able to take a nap, most of the times I just try to rest and relax a bit. Resting with three boys is a little different than having just the one. I remember being pregnant with Midiman, I could rest during the day together with Maximan who was 2,5/3 at the time, for almost 3 hours. He would nap together with me or watch a movie. How different when I was pregnant with Miniman and Midiman wouldn’t nap or rest at all. And now with three. I just have to make it work, somehow.

Speaking about “making it work”. I totally forgot to tell you all. We’ve got a puppy. Meet Koda! He is 17 weeks old.

I realize I am still in the process of deschooling. Most of the time I feel more confident and relaxed and I know everything will be fine and than suddenly I am overwhelmed with insecurity. Will Maximan learn? He is almost 7, will he learn all the things kids learn at school. (Is that important?) This is the person in me speaking (actually shooting) and afraid of missing the boat (Dutch saying meaning: you missed your opportunity to do something). How often in my childhood someone has said that to me. That I could literally be too late to start learning something and could miss out. Now, after all these years, I know better. But the voice in my head is still there. And meanwhile, there is a new life growing inside of me, this miracle, and it is all about trust. Everything will be fine. I realize I am still in the process of deschooling and I feel like I am burdening my kids with this process. Why? I see that Maximan is smart. I know that he knows a lot about a dozen different subjects. I know he can read if he wants to. I hear him sound out words and I know he is not interested yet in reading. I see him write. It will come when he is ready. Trust.

Trust my children
Trust in their magic
They will grow
Just like this baby
Nobody is telling her/him what to do
They know

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