Summer Rain

It’s raining
No it’s pouring
Our world is being cleansed by the Gods and Goddesses

We expected sunshine and abundance on this day
Instead we got another present
A day to be still
To cleanse everything, your inner self

It is a present
This present

And after the rain
Maybe, we will have sunshine
I know there is already sunshine in my heart
And greatfulness

We are blessed

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Post Author: The Art of Home Education

I am a former Business Intelligence Consultant / Account Manager DWH and still work as a freelance photographer. Now, I am a WAHM!I am a mom to four boys and with The Art of Home Education, my husband and I provide our children with the opportunity to learn based on their interests. Our slogan is "Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…".You can find us on Instagram , Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest and Google+ .

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