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Okay, I have to admit something. Right now this whole “Valentines Day” thing is going on and for the first time since we’re in the USA I am experiencing culture shock. I get the 4th of July, I get Thanksgiving, but I don’t understand Valentines Day.

It is a big, well huge, thing here and I just don’t get it. Maybe it is my down-to-earth Dutch way of thinking. Anyway, as I had always seen it, Valentines Day is something for loved ones. People that are in a relationship, or friends or even your parents, to show eachother you love and appreciate eachother.

But here it feels like it is everywhere. The stores have a huge assortment of Valentines Day stuff. There are Valentines Day Parties for children. Children give eachother cards. The other day Maximan had to make (prepare) cards for all the kids at his homeschool enrichement program. There were luckily only 9 kids in his class, including him, but can you imagine a class of 25 children?

Anyway, all the children give all their classmates cards. All the couples, so it seems to me, do something special. However, apparantly it is not done to give a Valentines card to just a friend as a grownup.

We have our anniversary (14 years together) on that day so yes, we tend to do something special too.

I looked up the history about Valentines Day, but still it doesn’t make sense. Do I make it bigger than it is?

So please, can someone explain to me what the deal is with Valentines Day? I do like to understand.

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