Where to get Free Printables for your Homeschool

I got a question the other day on Instagram where I get my printables. Below I share my resources with you.

I also got a question about Play Osmo, which I will include in our next post about all the apps we use on the iPad. You can find the link to Play Osmo for now here.

In our homeschool home we make use of printables. I print them out and laminate them so they can last and look appealing to use. I got my laminator from Amazon, I bought these 5 mil laminate pouches and I make sure I have at least a quarter left in the package all the time. We use wet-erase markers (color and black) to write on them. The idea was to attach the printed cards to card stock and use different colors for the different subjects. However, I haven’t gotten around it yet. So for now my material has a white back. Although I can recommend using color, which makes it easier for the child to recognize the different fields of expertise.

It is cheaper in the end to do it like this than printing them every time you need a printable. Especially with three or four children. I also laminated a couple of blank sheets, so the children can draw on them over and over. And erasing is fun too, they put the laminate paper in the sink and wash them. For cleaning, you can use a wet wipe too.

Clicking on the link or photo will take you to the printable.

I also added a couple of materials that I made myself and are easy to duplicate.

Free Printables

So where do I get my printables from? I have a couple of resources. When I started out I just googled “free printables montessori “subject” “. Now I know my way around. If you have suggestions, feel free to share them.

Here are my favorites:
Montessori Print Shop
The Helpful Garden Montessori Downloads
Mr Printables
We Live We Learn
Suzie’s Home Education Ideas

And I stumbled upon Wikisori

I still have to check these out:
Making Montessori Ours
Imagine Our Life
Trillium Montessori

Writing and Reading

A lot of the printables we use together with our alphabet box which also includes our moveable alphabet. I made the alphabet box using an 30 drawer utility cabinet which I got from Amazon and these alphabet printables, page 3. They also have a D’Nealian font alphabet printable, you can use page 3. I wanted to have upper and lower case on the boxes themselves. I cut out the letters and carefully glued them inside the boxes.

I ordered the moveable alphabet from Absorbent Minds, but you can make them easily yourself and the little trinkets are from Target (Terra Mini) and Etsy. The figurines from Toob are still on our wish list.

If you print out your own moveable alphabet, you can store them in a 26 compartment container from Walmart or a craft store. Look for a storage container that has 26 spaces. Look in the hardware section, the fishing aisle, and don’t forget the craft area!

How to write abc’s:
Lowercase letter tracing
Upper- and lowercase letter tracing

Letter for letter: Uppercase letter tracing

And lowercase letters tracing on the back

Make your own worksheet

How to write the abc’s step-by-step in two different fonts (Zaner-Bloser and D’Nealian)

The vowel tree

Blank worksheets for writing practice
Two lessons, five lines each (1/2 inch rule)
Two lessons, seven lines each (3/8 inch rule)

Noun sorting cards

Pink cards with picture and word

Here you can find another Pink reading series from The Helpful Garden

Pink Ending Sound Cards


A counting game: Bugs in a jar

Number practice. How many, how do you write the number and what does the number look like as a symbol

A hundred chart

Number rods

1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s

And the little 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s for the stamp game, to complement the set above

Skip-counting. Learning about multiplication. To use this you need the Montessori beads.

Our white (pink) tower

Triangle stars

Curved and straight lines

Geometric shapes chart

Geometric shapes

Time: Past and present


The seasons

Different leafs

Animal cards (Free cards from AH in the Netherlands), a matching game
Every now and then one of the Dutch supermarkets has these animal cards (Albert Heijn Superdieren) you can collect. Last year, after completing the whole set, I used the extra cards I got to make this matching game.


Match the color

Playing with color and you can use these for letter- and math activities

Match the different shades of yellow, orange, pink…

What are primary and seconday colors
Blank color wheel: primary and secondary colors.


Flags from around the globe

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