Advent Calender 2014

I can’t remember when but I made an Advent Calender before. Every day had a different story. We have used the same calendar the last couple of years, suplemented with the Lego advent calender.


This year I got inspired by Marloes Driezes on Instagram to make a new advent calender. I have been working on it the last couple of days to make sure it is ready to use on December 1st. Since we also celebrate Sinterklaas and the Winter Solstice (Yule), these celebrations are also included in our advent calendar.
I can’t wait for all the fun to start, to see the look on Maxigirl’s, Maxi- Midi and Miniman’s faces,
Our presentation this year will look like this:
I found this on Pinterest. Great ideas can be found on Pinterest. Here you will find our Pinterest page.

The Days on the Advent Calender


I got the advent numbers from Green Owl Craft.
Day 1: A Sinterklaas coloring mandala.


I got these tags from The Printable Lab.
Day 2: A do-activity, Baking “pepernoten”, a Dutch kind of cookie.


Day 3: A Sinterklaas number-by-number


Day 4: A Sinterklaas story about how Sinterklaas arrives in the New World


Day 5: Chocolate coins, a Sinterklaas tradition. I couldn’t find them here so I solved it by being creative.



Day 6: Board game night


Day 7: Christmas Holiday Rubber Ducky


Day 8: An Arts & Crafts activity. Making Yule / Christmas cards.



Day 9: A puzzel: Where in the world am I? A great opportunity to discuss Yule / Christmas around the world.



Day 10: Glow in the dark stars



Day 11: Another Arts & Crafts activity. Making a Parol and folding snow flakes.



Christmas Ornaments decorating

Day 12: Another Arts & Crafts activity: Decorate Yule / Christmas Ornaments. Trees for in the tree.
Christmas Ornaments

Day 13: All the children had chosen a Yule / Christmas Ornament before
Waldorf Star Lantern

Day 14: Another Arts & Crafts activity. Making a Waldorf Star lantern



Day 15: Crocheted snow flakes



Day 16: Another do-activity . Baking Yule / Christmas cookies



Day 17: A Yule / Christmas coloring mandala



Day 18: A Yule / Christmas coloring page



Day 19: Another Arts & Crafts activity. Needle felting a Yule / Christmas ornament. We will use the book WoolBuddies, which I found on Amazon. And I got a needle felting beginners kit for all of us. Something like this.
Christmas Ornaments
Day 20: Yule / Christmas ornaments dog shape. Our Kelly and Kira!
I’ll add the photo later
Day 21: Yule story about and Celebrating Yule, the returning of the light.
Today we celebrate Yule / the Winter Solstice, and normally this is the last day on our calendar. This year we have the company of Maxigirl and she celebrates Christmas. Therefore our calendar will continue.
I’ll add the photo later
Day 22: Our first Christmas Stockings



Day 23: Another Arts & Crafts activity. Decorating a Yule / Christmas tree with kite paper



Day 24: Book 5 silly monkeys, favorite of the boys. Which I found at a thrift store.


Advent Calendar 2014
The end result.

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