Project: Shark

I am so proud. Another project has formed. It is starting small and we’ll see where it goes. But I’m so excited I have to share it. It happened before my eyes and I am a bit insecure whether to call it a project.

Project Shark
Maximan has been watching Octonauts for a couple of days, maybe longer. I am not breathing down his neck when he is on the Ipad. But since I am journalling he does share more about what he’s watching.
Project SharkYesterday evening he was searching for an episode about the Octonauts and the white shark. He couldn’t find it but nevertheless started searching for images of a shark instead. He asked my help to write the word “shark”. He decided on wanting to find an orka and a hammerhead shark instead in order to draw those.
Once he drew these he went back to look for a white shark and after he found one he decided to go to bed.

Project Shark The next morning, when I woke up, he was already downstairs. He had found the episode of the Octonauts and the White shark, which he happily showed me, he also had drawn a white shark as well and all his drawings where spread out on the table.

Project Shark
Before breakfast I layed a folder of the aqaurium on the table with an image of a shark. Just for him to see or not. After breakfast we asked what the children would like to do today. Guess what, we’ll be going to the aquarium later.

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