The Bombo Drum

Guest post written by: DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou) for The Art of Home Education

The Bombo – Making Music With A Big Drum

Musical crafts and making music can be a great addition to any homeschooling day. They are an opportunity for hands-on fun that is creative, expressive and educational at the same time. And instruments like drums are particularly inviting, giving people of all ages and abilities the chance to play a beat, learn a new song or discover more about another culture through it’s music.

20140226-190813.jpgOne big drum that is easy to play is the South American bombo. Originally made from the trunk of a tree, the bombo makes the deep, low sound that keeps the beat for much of the music that come from the Andes mountains. Stretched around the wooden frame of the drum is animal hide that is laced back and forth between the top and bottom heads. When struck with a stick or a drum beater you hear the loud, deep, “bom…bom…bom” that this drum is famous for.

If you’d like to color your own version of this big drum, there’s a link below to a bombo coloring page as well as other instruments that come from the region of the world. If you were hearing a bombo in a song, you might also be hearing panpipes made of reeds that are like bamboo or a rattle made from the toenails of goats – called a chapcha.

Want to try playing this type of big drum at home? Just assemble a few items from around the house and you can make your own homemade version of a bombo drum.

You’ll need:

A large plastic container – round, if possible
2 sticks (unsharpened pencils, chopsticks, dowels or sticks from the woods)
Masking tape, electrical tape or duct tape

First make your drum beaters. Take any two items that are about the same size such as rulers, chopsticks, unsharpened pencils or even sticks you’ve found in the yard, the park or the woods. Wrap one side with tape to create a head for your stick. This will make the drum sound louder and deeper when it’s played.


Next, turn your plastic container upside down and play away!

Here are some things you might like to try:

Tap in the middle. Tap loudly, tap softly.

Try tapping the edges or the side. Is that sound different?

Play a beat and sing along with a song you know.

Try is slowly or with a slow song.

Try it quickly or with a quick song.

Try it with a song in Spanish, if you know one.

Learn a song in Spanish (or a new song in Spanish) that your drum can accompany.

Put on some music and try to match the beat.

Put on some music from South America and try to match the beat.

If you watch this video file, you can hear a real bombo and see some different ways to play your homemade instrument with an easy song in Spanish and English.


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DARIA Andes Instruments from the Andes Coloring Pages, a PDF-file for you to download and/or print.

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About the Author

20140225-200230.jpg World Music childrens performer DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou) has spent the last two decades performing in the USA and around the world, creating music to inspire all the world’s children. Along with numerous national awards for her culturally diverse music, Daria’s website ( was given a Parent’s Choice Award and offers many great resources for teachers, parents and kids of all abilities.

Along with bilingual versions of popular world music songs, Daria’s “I Have A Dream” Song is used widely to celebrate MLK Day. Her Earth Day anthem “We’ve Got The Whole World In Our Hands” is used in the USA as well as in Singapore and Japan and China. Her “Beautiful Rainbow World” song is used in Australia as part of a “Respecting Others” curriculum for preschoolers as well as in South African schools as part of a “TeachTolerance” initiative. Daria’s live show is fully interactive as she brings a variety of exciting world traditions to life, allowing children to become a part of the celebration and the fun of exploring world cultures.

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