How do unschoolers learn about the Human Body

Getting some of his questions answered.

The last couple of weeks it is still about airplanes, dinosaurs, trains, letters and the human body. Subjects that have Maximan’s interest and keep on returning. He is working on a project about airplanes but it looks like he is starting with the human body as well.

Maximan asked me to write down al his questions about the human body, so we can explore them together. Meaning, I guide him on his search for answers. I am so happy I have started the masterclass on Project Based Homeschooling. Every day, his list of questions gets longer. He is excited and anxious to find the answers.

He wonders:

  • how we are able to speak,
  • what makes our feet move,
  • what makes your body move,
  • why are there hairs in your nose and ears,
  • why do we cough sometimes,
  • why do people have different eye colors,
  • how do you built strong teeth,
  • how does bloodflow feed your body.

Below you’ll find some activities and resources. I wrote them down as a memo-to-me. However, above are Maximan’s questions, his learning experience regarding the human body. This means that he will direct his own process. I am merely here to coach him.


The Real World
– Visit a doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist and ask the questions you have.

Do It Yourself
– Do research yourself. Listen to your heart, feel your heartbeat, measure your temperature, etc.

– Lay down on a large piece of paper (wallpaper) and draw the outside of your body. Make a list of all the things that are inside your body and draw this on the paper in your body.

Bones & Skulls
– Take a trip to the Museum of Nature & Science where Maximan is able to ask lots of questions to the staff and investigate lots of different animal skeletons

– Sticker Books about the human body
– We have a torso at home which we bought at the Education Fair (NOT) two years ago. Something like this: Educational Insights Human Torso Model
SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body, enter the twisted world of the human body complete with removable squishy organs.
– Play the Operation Game (Dokter Bibber in Dutch)
– Make Pasta Skeletons

– Use paper, scissors, glue to create a story about the human body
– Share your work


Build a Body via Spongelab
The Human Body via Tiny bop.
Toca Doctor via Toca Boca

Frontiers for Young Minds

– Series {Dutch}: Er was eens… het leven
– Movie unfortunately not available for IPad: Innerspace (1987)
– SchoolTV {Dutch}: Episodes concerning the human body

First Human Body Encyclopedia
Adorable Wearables Human Body: Reproducible Patterns for “Hear” Muffs, Vision Goggles, and Other Easy-to-Make Paper Projects That Kids Can Wear. Kids learn about the five senses, muscles, bones, digestion, and more! Also available as an ebook.

– Highhill Homeschool: Science, scroll down to “cells” and/or “human body study unit”
– Our Aussie Homeschool: Once upon a time they did a human body unit.
Mama Natuurlijk {Dutch}
– a2z Home’s Cool: Skeleton & Bones Lessons & Worksheets For Kids

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