Homeschooling: The Silent Revolution


By: Sarah Rodrigues,
Written for True Activist and we are happy to repost it here and share it with all of you on The Art of Home Education.

“I want to be able to give to my children what I never had.” How often do we hear these words in our culture and it always seems to amount to one thing: material possessions. It is a sad plight that big people are not as evolved as little people.
After going through the “expected” steps of becoming an adult; getting married, having kids, obtaining the college degree, achieving the “American dream.” A few breakthrough occurrences happened to me within a short time, and I came to the realization that I wasn’t living life from my heart, but going through the motions of life like a robot, by my own admission. I never felt comfortable sitting in a room with my peers discussing the latest episode of “Lost” or “American Idol”, rather I would retreat somewhere alone, often wondering why I couldn’t be content with what seemed to make other people satisfied. We have been taught not to question the status quo. If you don’t blend in with the crowd, you’re a loner, weirdo or socially inept. Like so many other well-meaning people… I had willfully succumbed to the indoctrination of the system; but the system didn’t jive with my heart or my soul. I decided to retreat back to myself: the self that existed before I was “educated” into conformism. Just like waking up and seeing the matrix for the very first time, I knew that life would never be the same for me. Slowly, the layers of the onion were being peeled away. Realization of the “game” for what it is can be shockingly painful , but now rather than blending in with the crowd for the sake of saving face or taking the road most traveled, what contribution do I make coming to these realizations in the latter part of my life? Can I really make a difference?
“I want to be able to give my children what I never had.” Now I ask myself this question with a different set of eyes. What I never had was the ability to learn in a manner that was nurturing to my heart, mind and soul. What I never had was the ability to contribute my real talents due to the constraints of an educational system that did not emphasize my strengths, but focus on my weaknesses.

How can they “unlearn” what is needed to return to a state of meaningful learning? My answer: revolutionary homeschooling. Rather than continue on the current path of indoctrination by the state run education system, I have it in my power to equip them with something that is sorrowfully lacking in our society; the ability to think for themselves. I can provide an education for my children that teaches them how to think outside the box, not to sit in a classroom memorizing information only to regurgitate it for test taking purposes and forget it next week.
The current education system places emphasis on normality, conformity, facts, figures and worst of all, judgment of performance via the ability to memorize data. If I recall, most of the truly enlightened souls in our history have not fit into the constraints of the culture or conformed to the misled masses about what is “right for everyone”, after all, who is it that is deciding what is right for everyone? Would it be the “experts” of science and medicine that continually backtrack their theories every few decades? Is it the experts of our “civilized” Western academia that spends millions of dollars on research to validate what older civilizations and cultures have been doing for thousands of years? Is this system set up to enlighten individuals, or have them programmed to be “good workers” or “good citizens” that do not ask questions or demand to know “why”, all the while progressing towards an Orwellian 1984 like reality. I would venture to say that this concept is exactly why our country and world is in the situation that it is in right now… millions of people that have been indoctrinated to believe that what this system has to offer is the best that we can get… so we grovel through the years with truly uneducated,
depressed, apathetic and a robot like population that is perpetually moving towards the brink of implosion.
Homeschooling, for me, is a holistic endeavor. It is a revolution unto itself. Rather than focusing on left brain learning, we are engaging our right brains, and enjoying the beauty of life that cannot often be found in textbook. The information that has helped change my life is being passed on to the bright hope of our future. Armed with the most important tool that can be attained from any education-wisdom- our journey of the silent homeschool revolution keeps our heads up above the status quo, venturing out into the world to learn, live and have soulful purpose.

As we walked down the street towards the white house on Nov 5th, my son and daughter told me that they felt like the other protesters were “real people”. Maybe the future doesn’t look so dismal for the next generation!!!!

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