Lammas: The first of the harvest festivals


This week it is Lammastide once again and that means different things to different pagan families. Some- especially those who follow the Celtic traditions- call it Lughnasadh, a celebration of the Celtic craftsman god, Lugh. It is also called First Fruits, the first of the three harvest celebrations (after Lammas, Mabon and Samhain will follow) and one of my favorite times of the year.

Lammas celebrates the first grain being harvested and is often honored by baking bread with this year’s grains. Unfortunately, we had some trouble with our seedings. Next year, I hope to have a real wheat harvest to bake my Lammas bread. This year, I will have to settle for store-bought spelt flour, and Maxi-, Midiman and I will make egg salad and other yummy things to go with it. Last year we made colorful fruit kebab, with strawberries, melon, pineapple, apple and grapes and Maximan asked if we could make it again. And Midiman discovered watermelon.

Our little harvest in our garden is looking a little sad. This is really work in progress for me, but I am proud we started it. Giving up is so easy. Maximan and I are learning a lot from this and we will improve.

We checked the Wildplukwijzer to see which fruits and nuts are ready to harvest in our neighborhood. That will be a fun activity! And I think a trip to the market to pick up fresh local apples and other fruits is in order.

We will give thanks for our little homestead and the food that we grow. I look forward to next Lammas when we will be growing so much more, but somewhere else, of our own food. Again, really looking forward to that. The best thanks that we can give is to continue learning how to be the best stewards of our blessings and how to live more lightly on the land. Happy Lammas all and brightest blessings!

Tips for celebrating Lammas from other parents

Making a grass doll and placing it in the wickerbeast at Castlefest.

Baking! I love to make my grandma’s (paternal) cake or my other grandma’s (maternal) bread If I am ambitions I will make both.

Lammas Doll Bread
We are turning Pillsbury Crescent Rolls into Lammas Doll Bread this weekend!

We’re having a small get together with a few local women and our extended family. Main focus is food and our herb and garden harvest. We have a Lammas tablecloth that everyone present each year signs and then I embroider their signatures on with a special color for each year. Adults (well mainly women) will do a ritual to bless our work. Men and children will go raft a river, in order for the women to be allowed to do a ritual. Haha. As part of giving back, we’ll take a meal to a neighbor who has had some very hard times recently.
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The Pooka’s Pages – Activities to do with your children

Pooka’s Pages Lughnasadh
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