How to mix up your Arts & Crafts?

The last couple of days we have been experimenting with water-paint and salt. But what will happen if we add glue to the mix. Well, since Maximan loves using glue this would be very exciting. He couldn’t wait to start this experiment.

We made a three step plan.

  1. We start by painting the canvas. Make sure that the paint is not to dry, because you get the best effect with the salt when the paint is still wet
  2. Sprinkle salt on your painting
  3. Squeeze glue on your painting
  4. Leave it to dry

Our step-by-step pictures will follow later. Unfortunately for us, our computer crashed today. And I can’t transfer the pictures from the camera to the IPad. Luckily I made pictures of the end result with my phone. Actually I didn’t, Maximan did.

The end result


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