How to make Ice Marbles

With all the frost, this is the perfect time to make ice marbles. We filled up a couple of balloons with a couple drops of food coloring and water and layed them outside so they could get frozen. When they were frozen we peeled of the balloon. They look like giant marbles!

You don’t have to be afraid to get a little bit messy, because the food coloring will make your hands all those colors you are using. Even after it is frozen and you peel of the balloons, your hands still will get the same color as the ice marble.
ice marbles ice marbles



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0 thoughts on “How to make Ice Marbles


    (January 21, 2013 - 2:01 PM)

    This sounds and looks like so much fun!


    (January 21, 2013 - 9:46 PM)

    It was messy to make. Messy mostly equals fun right?! 😉 And the end result is so gorgious. We even made smaller one. We are a bit surprised though that none of the neighbours rang our doorbell yet to ask what they are. I know for sure that in the old neighbourhood they would have. If you’re planning to make them yourself, don’t wear white, the food coloring will still stain after it is frozen.

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