How to make Snowflakes

Making Snowflakes

Yesterday we were at a friends place and she was making snowflakes. That was so much fun. So today, we are making snowflakes too. Lots of snowflakes. It is not that hard to do and the fun part is, that you can create your own snowflake. Just make sure that you don’t completely cut the long side. And what a surprise we had this morning, opening our curtains, we saw a whole white world.

Snowflake creation 1. You can use a standard white paper you also use for drawing or printing, A4 or A5 for smaller snowflakes;
2. Fold it;
3. Fold it again, don’t fold a sharp edge. You use this only to find the center of your piece of paper and mark it a little;
4. Open it up and keep your finger on the marked center you’ve marked. Take the lower right corner and fold it towards the upper left corner;
5. Do the same for the right upper corner. Fold it over step 4
6. Cut alongside the folded parts;
7. Fold it again. The part you’ve cut before should be symmetrical. If not, cut it symmetrical.

Snowflake creation
You can cut free format, just make sure you don’t cut the whole long side. Or you can draw your design onto the snowflake

Snowflake creation Snowflake creation Snowflake creation
Ideas for other snowflakes. You can also play and make your own design. Just see what happens. Enjoy! We sure did.








Outdoor fun in the snow

The snow this morning was a big surprise. Maximan went downstairs and was ecstatic when he came upstairs again. “Mom, you were right! It did snow when I was sleeping!” Yesterday we were already working with the theme: Snow. He made a chain out of foamy snowflakes, we started making snowflakes. The plan for today as you’ve just read, was making more snowflakes. Of course we had to go outside and we planned to make preparations for ice marbles. The latter will hopeful be ready tommorow. I will keep you posted.

In between our art & craft time, we went outside to enjoy the snow, a lot! You never know, maybe tomorrow it is still there, maybe it is not. Carpe diem!

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