‘Mom, where does the sun go when it gets dark?’ asks Maximan

We’re walking outside on our way to the playground and discover it is flooded with water. We decide to walk over to the petting zoo, which is an hour walk (or even more). While we are walking, we are taking in the environment. We see all the cars, the bikers, the trees and the sun shining through the clouds. It’s quiet outside.
We are having a conversation about our walk and about all the things we see. That it is good to be aware of your surroundings. Just in case we have an exciting adventure in the (near) future when we will be dropped somewhere by dad and have to find our way back home.

Maximan is looking around and looks up at the sun. ‘Mom’, he asks, ‘where does the sun go when it gets dark?’ I look at him, very happy with this question. And tell him about Mother Earth and that she rotates on her axes. I tell him that Mother Earth also revolves around the Sun Goddess. He looks at me and asks me, ‘how come we can see the moon at night?’ I look at him, smiling. ‘Sweetheart’, I tell him, ‘we can see the Moon Goddess because he is illuminated by the Sun God. you know what, we will get into detail more when we will get home. We will make a small model of Mother Earth, the Sun Goddess and the Moon God. But keep those questions coming!’

We continued our walk and got really tired. We reached a hill and I told Maximan that we might be lost. We climbed the hill and when we were on top of the hill. He was so happy. He recognized the area. It made him run down the hill. Always good to be aware of your surroundings.

Resources for Maximan his questions.
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