Pinterest, a great source for our creativity boxes

I love Pinterest. If you like to look us up, here is our Arts & Crafts pinboard and here is our Homeschooling pinboard.

I started making creativity boxes for Maximan. Every morning when he comes downstairs there is his box. For him it is always a suprise what I’ve come up with for him. Last week he found a sticker book with knights and castles. Fun thing was that we’d just visited a castle. So he could totally relate and was so surprised to find a sticker book.

A hit for him was to find the IPad there one morning. Fireman Sam is on his way.

I love to see all the art & craft and educational stuff that is pinned on Pinterest. It gives me great ideas. Tonight I saw something that was already on my to do list. But seeing it again makes me want to prepare it for tomorrow morning.

What will be on the table for Maximan tomorrow morning? Finger paint in a freezer bag. I can’t wait to see his face and of course what he will make. Pictures will follow after I’ve woken up tomorrow morning.

It was so much fun! Discovering what colors would do if you mix them. I had chosen the primary colors and had only two hard placemats to put it on. Otherwise I had made three sets. And then Maximan discovered he could not only paint with it but also write in it and of course make hand- and footprints. We had so much fun. And it is even good for the environment because we stored this away to be used for another time.

And here are the pictures!

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