Surprise surprise. Going on a holiday and having the surprise of snow. It’s not only winterfun we’re experiencing. But truly snowfun as well. When Maximan heard we were going on a vacation he hoped there would be snow. Well, someone granted him his wish. For Miniman it is the first time he’s experiencing snow and of course the cold. And on top of all, Miniman has been really sick. In the last week we saw a doctor four times. The last two visits were even at the hospital to see a pediatrician. And that while you’re on holiday. Luckily he’s doing better right now. Today he even smiled again.

There are so much fun and educational things to do around here. Anyway, in our opinion the opportunity for education, for learning, is everywhere.

What did we do?

We went to a Christmas fair in Bocholt, Germany. A relatively small fair with friendly people. There was a choir who sang Christmas carols. Maximan was exposed to the German language. Fun thing is, he picks it up really quickly. I think if we chose to stay in Germany more often he would pick up this language really fast.
Beside language and of course people we also encountered part of the Berlin wall. We told Maximan all about it and we’re planning to show him some movies about it. He is very interested in the whole thing. “Why was there a wall? Could people still talk to eachother? What if my mother is on one side of the wall and I’m on the other? How would the trains go from one place to another?” And so on.

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Pictures of Huis Bergh, playtime, funpark, snowfun, Miniman sleeping in the hospital, Berlin wall and Marley the monkey.


Since there is a swimming pool on the holiday park, Maximan has lots of opportunity to practice his swimming skills and of course play. He is not afraid of water. No, not at all. He jumps in there, like he owns the pool.

Next to the holiday park, there is a funpark. There is an outdoor and indoor part. We made a lovely walk trough a little forest where we came across questions that were posted there. One of the questions was: What is the name of the princess who stayed with the seven dwarfs. Our walk went from the forest to a beach on a lake. There was a nice playarea there and I had to promise Maximan that we will visit that playarea in the near future. Again on our way to the funpark we heard birds singing. Maximan could tell me that those were blackbirds. Makes me smile that he has eye for nature and fauna.
The funpark was brilliant. He met children from the neighbourhood and played for hours. There was an indoor traintrack and something that I thought was scary, but he loved it. I’m talking about carts high above the ground. There was even a poppeteer! Which inspired us to get a puppet monkey. We named him Marley!
In the meantime Miniman was snuggling in the wrap, taking everything in, while sleeping on and off.

What else did we do. How can I forget, we went to a castle! Huis Bergh in ‘s Heerenberg. It was amazing. And we didn’t even go inside. Stories about knights and dragons were told. Maximan was able to tell us a lot of stories too. His imagination is a true treasure.

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