Outdoor happiness

There’s no such thing as the present. It IS a gift, a present. Everyday is an opportunity to be who you want to be. Everyday you can choose for being you.

We have had some lovely days so far, but today is a grey day. That doesn’t stop us from going outside and take in the fresh air and enjoy that we are. We have a chat along our way and take in the view.

At one point Maximan comes up with a running came. He walks up to one point and start running towards me. In the meanwhile he is looking what movements I make with my arms and copies that. When that game is finished he continues to ride and balance on his bike. Going down a grassy hill with the bike is quite the exercise. But he manages perfectly.

After some time we meet someone again and we stop for a chat. Maximan has a lot to tell, about dinosaurs and dragons. At one point he starts building a spiderweb, while using the leash from our precious dog. I love his creativity.

Back home he continues his playing with his new favorite toy: LEGO. While we have a cup of dragon tea to get warm. A perfect start of the day!

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