Autumn Equinox

Looking forward to next weeks celebration!

On the Autumn Equinox the sun and moon, king and queen, divide the hours equally between them. The warm autumn sun falls on hills that are carpeted in a regal cloak of purple heathers and golden grasses, and the woodlands begin to blaze into autumn.

There is a nip in the air as evening draws close; the changing trees are silhouetted against shades of clear blue, deepening to velvet tones as a clear celestial sky becomes visible.

Indoors, jars of honey glisten beside the freshly collected apples. The harvest has been brought in, nuts and berries are gathered and there is a celebration of nature’s abundance.

We will celebrate this together with some of our friends and our family. If the weather is nice we will go outside and have a picknick while enjoying eachothers company and being thankfull for everything we have.

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