The interests of a three year old

Having fun while running around in the garden. Or just enjoying time on a swing and figuring out how to get it to move. How wonderfull the world can be and what a fantastic place it is to meet people and learn from everyone you meet by asking what they are doing and if they can use a helping hand.

Is there a difference in the interest field of that of a three year old boy or girl? I’m just wondering. I see our little boy wander around the house with his book about transportation under his arm. Airplanes and helicopter, those are important at the moment. And he loves to go sailing. That’s why he asked for swimming lessons. We take advantage of his will to go sailing and ask him what you need to go sailing. Great starting point for learning to swim, learning what you need to sail, what type of boats there are, the alphabet, tying your shoelaces, learning about sealife and much more.

Another thing he is interested in are dinosaurs. He knows a lot of different types and of course the fun thing is that now, as his mom, I too know a lot different types of dinosaurs. Show us a Diplodocus, an Allosaurus and more and we both can recognize and name them. Before we started this journey I only recognized a T-rex. Again the fun thing is that every interest area of him is a great starting point to learn something. We can explore the woods, looking for dinosaurs. Or go to the museum and find out what they used to eat. What does “dinosaur” mean. He knows!

But back to the airplanes and helicopters. Earlier this year our three year old asked us when he would turn for. “Why?”, I asked him. “Well Mom, then I can learn flying!”, he said.

And this is just the start of our adventure together!

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