Home Education in the Netherlands


Home education is possible in the Netherlands when a child has official exemption from school obligation.

Children learn reading, writing, math and science in different ways and at their own pace. Some of this is done in the home, but quite often much learning is facilitated in their communities.

It is an individualized form of education that meets each child’s unique needs. Every family makes its own decisions on how best to facilitate their child’s learning and makes use of various resources such as books, museums, experts, libraries, science kits, games, internet, classes, workshops, concerts, and much more.

There are a few ways that an official exemption from school is possible. Parents can appeal for exemption if their child has physical or mental limitations, or if their child is registered at an educational institute abroad, or if parents have a life philosophy that does not fit with schools that are within a reasonable distance from their home.

More information can be found at de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Thuisonderwijs (NVvTO).

Source: Leiden Home Learners

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