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Let the journey be shaped by the curiousity of the child…

Happy Birthday Maximan!

To Maximan, on your 6th birthday: Since the day you were born we thank you each and every day for choosing us for your parents. We made you a promise … Continue reading

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Home Education not only for the Children

Since we started our home education journey almost four years ago, I realized something. Although our children (5, 2 & 0) are learning, something that apparently comes naturally, we as … Continue reading

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Insecurities about Unschooling

Sometimes my own insecurities get the better of me and I start to wonder. Are we on the right path? Are our children learning? Won’t they fall behind compared to the kids who go to school or the kids who are being homeschooled with a curriculum? I worry, because I want the best for my children.

Your child is learning on its own and you are there to care for and guide your child along his way. I do believe they are our biggest teachers in life and we don’t even know it.

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It is quiet here!

A lot has happened lately. We have enjoyed summertime and as always we combined our learning with our interests and did a lot of fun stuff. But that is not … Continue reading

September 8, 2014 · 9 Comments

Keeping Room for Creativity

Guest post written by: Varya for The Art of Home Education Welcome back to this monthly series on engaging siblings of different age into activities together. Today I will talk … Continue reading

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Lessons learned in Life

Today, I realised something about compassion. I think of myself as a compassionate person. However, when it comes to myself, I am one tough cookie. A couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

July 1, 2014 · 5 Comments

How an Art Cart becomes a topic of Trust

Yesterday I was preparing this ‘art cart’ and I must admit. Preparing the cart was fun. Adding crayons, watercolors, scissors, brushes, glue and different boxes for there art work. Sorting … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

It is Father’s Day and there are two men very special to me and the boys. On this day we like to share it with those two men and with … Continue reading

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Do you know Play Osmo?

I thought we had all of our unschooling preparations, our study materials, our play materials in order. Both Maxi- and Midiman know where everything is and if they want something … Continue reading

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