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How to create a warm “Waldorf-like” homeschool home

15 Ways to Give your Kids the Benefits of an Expensive Waldorf Education for Free From our three boys, only Maximan attended “school” for some time. As a baby he … Continue reading

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A potion to fight a cold

   Today we made a potion which we can take if we might catch a cold. The boys had a lot of fun making this and they can’t wait until … Continue reading

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Bread is not the only thing we’re baking

We got news to share. Big news. Just like before, sharing this news is scary and exciting at the same time and those of you who follow us on Instagram … Continue reading

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Spelt/Rye Buttermilk Bread

I have been trying something new. After eating a bread made using a recipe from a friend (you can find it here) for some time we wanted to add probiotics … Continue reading

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You are an awesome mom

For my friend who has three young kids I guess I don’t say it often enough but I think you are an awesome mom. Your kids are 1, 3 and … Continue reading

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Summer Rain

   It’s raining No it’s pouring Our world is being cleansed by the Gods and Goddesses We expected sunshine and abundance on this day Instead we got another present A … Continue reading

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The Silence around Miscarriage

Miscarriage: this sad, devestating experience that women, couples have to go through. Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I was looking at my three children. I felt so blessed and overwhelmed … Continue reading

May 11, 2015 · 3 Comments

Free Range Children

Something another mom posted on Facebook today after seeing Miniman explore the playground.  I witnessed an awesome display of free range parenting and loving community today at the park. There … Continue reading

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Ostara, the beginning of Spring

 This year it is a very special Spring equinox on March 20th 2015. Not only will there be a Spring equinox, but also a Supermoon and a total solar … Continue reading

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The Art of Home Education on Instagram

Yesterday at the dinner table we talked about fruits and vegetables. Why is an avocado, a tomato, a cucumber considered a fruit. They don't taste like "fruit". They're not sweet like apples or grapes. Today during our fieldtrip to the Children's Peace Garden this question got answered. Fruits contain seeds, that's why they are called fruits. #mkbkids #learningaboutplants #homesteading #growyourown #roots #stem #seeds #fruits #flowers #leaves #mmmmidiman #thuisonderwijs #unschool #homeschool #playfullearning Observing insects and bugs #mkbkids #mmmmidiman #thuisonderwijs #unschool #homeschool #wildandfreechildren Mini- en Midiman are enjoying the fieldtrip to the Children's Piece Garden. This gem hidden in Boulder where children are able to work in the garden and prepare the garden for next year to grow veggies and fruits. #thisishowwehomeschool #mkbkids #maximidiminiman #mmmmidiman #thuisonderwijs #wildandfreechildren #unschool #homeschool About rhythm and creating a Waldorf home at home. New on the blog. #mkbkids #momsoninstagram #neenietzelfgetekend How wonderful is it to have a big brother who you can play with and who will pull the cart you're sitting in. What a gift it is to have a brother who watches over you and keeps you save. How lovely is it to experience these special moments together, memories created for life. #thisishowwehomeschool #brotherhood #mkbkids Visiting a pumpkin patch with friends #thisishowwehomeschool #mkbkids Love the lovely fall colors. A reminder that everything is changing all the time, yet the big picture stays the same. Leafs will fall and leafs will grow, but the tree will stay and is not afraid of letting go of the leafs that are dead. The dead leafs will serve another purpose. #fall #lessonsofnature #lifecycles Brothers ❤️

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