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Valentines 2016 & Giveaway

Felted Hearts I saw beautiful felted hearts in our Waldorf group and decided this would be a lovely teacher Valentine gift. Maximan follows an enrichement program one day a week, … Continue reading

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Baby Update: Week 35

We never thought we would make it till here. I can’t believe we are almost hitting the 36 weeks and during last weeks growth measurement we saw that Microbaby is … Continue reading

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Writing for my Boys

I have been meaning to do this for a long time and today I started. In the past I have set up e-mail addresses for my boys and today I … Continue reading

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Chatbooks and a Free Book Code

Have you heard of Chatbooks? I mentioned it earlier on Instagram. It’s this amazing photo printing app that works with your Instagram and Facebook feed, and I love it! I love … Continue reading

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IUGR, now what?

What does IUGR stand for? It stands for Intra-Uterine Growth Restriction. IUGR is explained here. Our Microbaby is below the 10th percentile for a baby’s gestational age (meaning that 90% … Continue reading

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Help Needed – Please read and share!

You think you are free and have a free choice. More and more it becomes clear that if you follow your own path, you are not so free after all. … Continue reading

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Our Program – with a lot of free resources

Home Education Resources For our homeschool program we use different sources. First of all and foremost we do child-led learning where we focus on the interests of the child. We supplement … Continue reading

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Advent – The Fourth Week

The Human Kingdom    The fourth light of advent is the light of man. The light of love, the light of thought to give and understand.  Today we will light … Continue reading

December 20, 2015 · 1 Comment

Advent – The Third Week

The Animal Kingdom    The third light of advent is the light of beasts. The light of hope that we see in the greatest and the least. Today we light … Continue reading

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The Art of Home Education on Instagram

He is so adorable. Miniman can't go to sleep without me holding his hand. #mmmminiman2 #gentleparenting #positiveparenting #attachementparenting #beingpresent #thismomentcounts #creatingmemories So true and I often forget. I remember the differences between growing up myself and what my parents and grandparents told me about their youth. How things had changed over the years. And the same will be true for our kids. I remember growing up and only having 3 tv channels available and now the sky is the limit with internet access. I do like to believe that the playing outside and reading aloud part has stayed equally important. #ayearfullofquotes2016 #timeschange #whoremembersthevcr? #motivation #mentalfights #ayearfullofquotes2016 The joy of reading. I can't wait for my boys to discover this. In the meantime we read aloud, which they love! #raisingreaders #ayearfullofquotes2016 #homeschool #unschool #magic Practicing patience. A couple more days until Maxigirl arrives! Going from a family of 5, to a family of 6 again.

Repost from January last year from @laurasys Miniman has not been feeling well today, coughing a lot. With his dad and his brothers out of the house, they are watching the Superbowl, I decided to turn on his favorite movie. Any guesses to what his favorite movie is? #mmmminiman2 #guessthemovie Thank you for being my friend and letting me be yours! ❤️ You know who you are! ☺️ Repost from fb @davidavocadowolfe 
#ayearfullofquotes2016 #friends #mmmfriends Neither is fun. 😕 I would love to surround myself with positivity to get out of this dark hole. It feels like I'm drowning and some days I do better than others. I can't really explain what is happening and I don't want to feel a victom or blame others for their negativity that is affecting me. I am my own person and I am in charge of how I feel. I wonder though, why is it so hard to get back to that place I was before? #empathywelcome #giraffeearswelcome #prenataldepression

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